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Terms and conditions

Competition rules
The "PASPARTU" Association and the "Re Italo" UNESCO Club of Reggio di Calabria in collaboration with the Associations "VITARU" and "Let's do it" announce the following "FREE FUTURE" PHOTOGRAPHIC COMPETITION.
Terms and conditions of the ecoproject Free Future Photo Contest 2021 rules

a) Take 1 to 5 photos involving children or adolescents (without showing their faces) against a background such as a rubbish dump or with an open sky or a polluted shore; alternatively, you might show them cleaning an area;
b) If you are 18 years of age or older as of the date of entry fill up a form with your name, surname, place of residence, title of your photo, and motivation (why do you decided to participate, what supposed to be changed in a present environmental situation).

Entries from participants under the age of 18 must be submitted only by the parent completin that Parent/Guardian permission form.
Please ensure before submit your contest entry form online that Parent/Guardian permission form and photos are attached to the entry form.

c) Wait for feedback from the Spokesperson, UNESCO Center, Clubs or branches of the organizations and associations involved in the project.
Art. 1 - General provisions
The call of 01 March 2021 for cultural exchanges between Italian Regions and other Nations has been integrated.
The photos must have an environmental theme: it is necessary to demonstrate, through a photo or photos, how important the ecological behavior of each inhabitant of the Earth is, with particular attention to the very young.
Art. 2 - Participation requirements
2.1. Participation is individual, open to people of any age. Everyone can participate and win, regardless of their level of professionalism in photography; photos can be taken either by camera or smartphone.

Other people will be able to check out the participants' works, vote for and share the photos they like the most; doing so, they will help drawing attention to important environmental issues.

Share our links on social networks: Instagram @future_free2.0 and Facebook @freefuture20.

2.2. Entries must be submitted by participants via the following link: https://paspartu-aps.com/free-future-2021.

2.3. Photographs can be of any format and must use the .jpg file, with a minimum size of 50 KB and a maximum size of 30 MB.

2.4. Works made with any photographic technique are admitted; post-production (e.g. through graphics software) is not admitted. Photo collages are not allowed.

2.5. Each participant can send up to 5 photographs.

2.6. Each participant must indicate: 1) title of the photo; 2) name and surname; 3) city and country of origin/residence; 4) valid email address. It is also advisable to write a caption or personal comment referred to the photo.

2.7. A special mention of the works will be made by either the Spokesperson, the Club or the Association, which will then forward to the organisers the 3 most interesting photos.

2.8. All pictures will participate in any case in the final selection, which will be carried out by a Jury of experts.
Art. 3 - Competition announcement
3.1. The dissemination of this Competition starts on 22 April 2021, in occasion of the UNESCO International Earth Day: both Organisations and Spokespersons will invite all potential participants using #freefuture_contest hashtag and @future_free2.0 Instagram link and @freefuture20 Facebook link.

3.2. Photos should be taken preferably between 22 April and 29 September. They must then be submitted to the website by 30 September 2021.

3.3. Spokespersons, Associations and Clubs will do a pre-selection of the photos by 15 October 2021.

3.4. The presentation of the winners will take place on 20 November 2021 in occasion of the World Children's Day.

3.5. Participation to Competition is free of charge.
Art. 4 - Selection procedures
4.1. The above-mentioned Spokespersons and Associations, active in various countries of the world, will choose the 3 pictures considered to be the best at national/local level (for their own country) within 15 October, trough the website. All participating works will be examined by the International Jury to select the winners of the Competition and to identify between 12 and 24 best photographic shots.

4.2. These winning photographs will be published in a "Free Future" 2022 Calendar which will be distributed worldwide as the final prize of this Competition. Each photo will include a caption for the title of the work, the name of the author, city and country of origin.

4.3. All the works that have passed the preliminary selection for their compliance with the theme and the formal requirements of the Competition will be presented on the telematic page of the "Free Future" Project and will be open to voting.

4.4. A further 3 winners will also be selected, as those who have received the maximum number of clicks (or likes) on the social networks specified in Art. 2.1 and will be awarded by the sponsors. The winners chosen by the Jury, as specified in Art. 4.1, will not be included in this category.
Art. 5 - Organisers contacts
For any question please contact:

- Natalia Reva (Associazione "PASPARTU"), Russian/Italian/English speaker; email: paspartu2020aps@gmail.com.

- Alessandro Gioffrè d'Ambra (Club per l'UNESCO "Re Italo" di Reggio di Cal.), Italian/Spanish/English speaker; email: alexanderfreud@yahoo.it.
Art.6 - Dissemination
6.1. The results of the Contest will be published on the website of the "Free Future" Project of the "PASPARTU" association as well as on the telematic pages of Italian UNESCO Clubs and of the Italian Federation of UNESCO Clubs and Centres.

6.2. The works chosen by the Jury will be published on local and interregional television networks, national and international websites, printed newspapers, telematic newspapers, radio stations, social or media networks.
Art.7 - Privacy
7.1. The image of minors / adults must be taken from behind or in a position where the person's face is not seen.
APS "PASPARTU" do not aim any of our products or services directly at children under the age of 18, and we do not knowingly collect personal information about children under 18.

7.2. Each entrant aged 18 years or under must submit their entry with a complete Parent/Guardian permission form. A submission without an accompanying Parent/Guardian permission form will be invalid and will not be entered into the competition. This permission form must be completed by the Parent/Guardian of the child submitting the artwork. APS "PASPARTU" may ask for proof of age to verify the identity of that entrant at any time.
Art.8 - Legal aspects
8.1. The photo sent to the organisers will not be returned.

8.2. The organisers have the right not to give reasons for the exclusion of a photograph.

8.3. After the end of the photo contest, the pictures will remain on the website and may be used there or moved to the website photo gallery.
The organisers reserve the right to use the photographs submitted for the competition for the promotion of the event, for information purposes or for other non-commercial purposes, in the media and for other printed publications, on television, on the Internet et cetera.

8.4. The organisers reserve the right to use the photographic works received from participants in order to publicise the Photographic Competition itself, using the images in various media (press, film, TV, internet).

8.5. Participants in the Photographic Competition accept that the organisers may publish, together with the author's name, the 'best' works in either press (such as newspapers, cultural magazines, leaflets and booklets) or online (email, websites, social networks, databases related to the Project) in order to promote this Photographic Competition, as well as use the above mentioned works at photographic exhibitions or other promotional events. The access to the database will be established by the organisers of the photo competition.

8.6. The organisers of the Competition guarantee that the intellectual property of the images submitted by participants will be respected in any case (online, printed media, photo exhibitions, etc.).

Participation in the "Free Future" Project photography contest (submitting entries via the online platform) implies acceptance of its terms and therefore of these regulations.

8.8. The participants in the photo contest agree to the free use of their works, which include their name and surname, for promotional purposes for the "Free Future" Project.

8.9. Participants in the photo contest guarantee that they are the authors of the works submitted and that their participation does not violate either the rights of other people or the local, national and international law; in the event of any violation of laws or rights of third parties, participants will be personally responsible for it.

8.10. It is not possible to replace prizes with cash.

8.11. The organisers reserve the right to make changes to these regulations in due course.

8.12. For what is not regulated by the present Rules and Regulations, please refer to the regulations in force either in Italy or any other country involved as well as the international law.
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