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22th of April, 2021 -31th of December, 2021

Free Future 2021
Photo Contest

For those who love nature and care about future of our planet
ABOUT THE project

We are happy to present you
a Photo Contest “Free Future"

«Free Future» is an artistic and informative project that works towards safeguarding our planet. We sincerely hope that this project will help people make a conscious choice, based on respect for nature, the environment and rational consumption!

The "PASPARTU" Association in collaboration with partners invites photographers from around the world to enter Free Future Photography Competition 2021.
Best photos will be published on the official website of CLUB UNESCO and on the website of the "Future Free" project.
It is a Photo Competition regarding environmental education.
The photos must have an environmental theme:
it is necessary to demonstrate, through a photo or photos, how important the ecological behavior of each inhabitant of the Earth is, with particular attention to the very young.

Each competitors has to express their own personal passion for Nature, also showing the ability of all of us to spend our daily life in a total respect for the environment in which we live, either a town or a rural area.

Why do we care about the climate crisis?

Because we only have one planet, and we want our children to live in a beautiful
world without having to pay the consequences for our neglect.
It is simply unfair that the next generation is forced to clean up mountains of
garbage after us. Do we wish this kind of future for our children?
We believe that if everyone makes a small contribution,
it will make a huge difference.

Why should you participate?

You love nature and care about future of our planet
You’d like to draw attention to a problem of a global climate crisis and you can use your own photos as a tool.
You wish to express yourself with the help of photo art.

Our gallery

We are free to choose our future
By participating in the Free Future photo competition you are investing in your own future and the future of your children on this planet.
This is your personal contribution to improving the situation with the environmental crisis

In order to make your participation more enjoyable, we have decided to create a special calendar together with the Free Future 2022, where we will publish the 12 best photos and send them to the winners. Also the best photos will be published in our catalog.

A People's Choice Award and other surprises await you as well.
Join us now!
Make a photo which tells your story!

How to enter

Short instruction
Make a photo of a child o kids
with a dump or garbage or open sky or a polluted shore on a background; or vice versa cleaning environment images.

Very important: The image of minors/adults must be taken from behind or in a position where the person's face is not seen.
Fill up a form
1. If you are 18 years of age or older as of the date of entry fill up a form with your name, surname, place of residence, title of your photo, and motivation (why do you decided to participate, what supposed to be changed in a present environmental situation).

2. Each entrant aged 18 years or under must submit their entry with a complete Parent/Guardian permission form.
Please ensure before submit your contest entry form online that Parent/Guardian permission form and photos are attached to the entry form.

Upload your photo on our site
No more than 5 photos up to 30 MB
Wait an answer from our spokesman or partners
Note: Your photos must be uploaded or sent by September 30

Entry Period and Selection

Meet our judges
Natalia Reva
Founder of the project Free Future and Photographer
Franco Floris
Presidente Nazionale dell'Associazione Ambientalista "Accademia Kronos" GENOVA
Aurelia Cuku
Journalist and Gallerist
Sandro Di Domenico
Freelance Journalist and
Reporter for Corriere della Sera, L'Espresso, BBC, Fanpage
Erika Santos
Fashion Travel blogger,
Best World Blogger Award 19,
World CLEANUP DAY supporter
Las Vegas
Natino Chirico
Italian painter, Artist
"Senza arte non c'e vita"
Alessandro Gioffre' D'Ambra
Naturalist, Historian of Science
and Photographer
Eva Giumbo
Journalist and TV presenter
Alessandro Allegra
Italian painter, Artist
Registration will be open on 22nd April 2021
Our partners and organizers
Register and submit your images now!

Your name and Surname (you are 18 years of age or older)/ Parental o guardian Name and Surname (you are under 18 years old)
Country of origin
Title of the photo
Please tell us about your motivation (why you participate, what you would like to change in the current environmental situation)
E-mail / Parental o guardian E-mail
Your phone / Parental o guardian phone
Upload your file here
Please upload no more than 5 photos (jpeg or png) up to 30mb. Please select all your files together or compress them in an archive before upload it.
Is there any fee to enter the contest?
Our Project is called “Free Future" and is organised in a totally voluntary way and it is expenses free (However, you are responsible for costs associated with the entry such as the internet connection fee.).
Therefore, we ask you to collaborate with this spirit for the realization of an international initiative, for which the moral patronage of UNESCO has been requested.
Are there any qualifications required to enter the contest?
You can enter the contest regardless of nationality, age, gender, or professional/amateur status.
Individuals 18 years of age or younger must have consent from a parent or guardian. We will judge at the time of entry that guardian consent has been received.
Please tell me the entry period
Entries close 30 September 2021
Spokespersons select national finalists by 25 October 2021
Expert judge winners announced 20 November 2021
Please tell me the size and format
For photo submissions, the file size for each image must be within 30 MB, the recommended file format is JPEG
Have any questions?
Contact us!
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